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Regional utility - localized support

IHG, (InterContinental Hotels Group) is a global organization with a broad portfolio of sixteen hotel brands that operates hotels in three different ways - as a franchisor, a manager, and on an owned and leased basis. Franchising is the largest part of our business, with over 4,615 hotels under franchise agreements. The franchisee owns the hotel and is a licensee of our brands. Additionally, 965 hotels operate under a management contract, whereby IHG oversees all operations while the franchisee owns the physical asset. The remaining hotels in the IHG portfolio are owned and operated by IHG.

IHG supports each property around the globe by balancing regional leadership with local, personalized service. With teams spread throughout the world, we make sure that all IHG branded hotels get the hands-on support to fit their market and guest needs. IHG has regional offices in major markets around the world, including our global headquarters in Denham, England, our Americas office in Atlanta, Georgia, and regional offices in Singapore and Shanghai.